ExtraPuTTY Known Bugs and Wish List

This is the list of bugs that need fixing, and features that want adding, to ExtraPuTTY. The `pending' list represents things that have not been done to the current development code; items marked as `fixed' may not yet be in the latest release.

If you do not see a feature here, it's also worth checking the Changes page before mailing us to ask for the feature; it might already have been added.


These are bugs still to be fixed and features remaining to be implemented.

The whilist have been requested by users or which seem to me like a good idea. Not some of these are likely to be implemented without outside help, and some of them will positively never be implemented.

Go to Tracker page to see Features and Bugs status.

- FS#49 - Use of the System tray
- FS#64 - Tool to create and check XML command file
- FS#98 - implement zmodem like ymodem wihtout binaries
- FS#27 - Degraded mode of XML file
- FS#32 - TestStand Step SendRcvData_F : Buffer never empty
- FS#34 - RcvTelnetData of SendRcvData function keeps last value
- FS#35 - Report do not manage properly data between initialisation and first command
- FS#67 - Parameter errorCode of each xx_F function is not set
- FS#68 - WaitReConnect(_F) function failed if the target has not been reseted
- FS#16 - tabs of putty instances
- FS#25 - Used regular expression.
- FS#28 - FTPLoader add feature : download files
- FS#29 - drag and drop TreeView
- FS#30 - Report text format.
- FS#33 - Configure report format (color,font ...)
- FS#36 - Add multi-cast management
- FS#48 - Custom, per-session configurable icons
- FS#52 - crypt password in Connection function

Recently fixed

These are items we believe we have already addressed. See also the Changes page.

Fixed in current snapshots

- Merge with putty 0.67
- Merge with putty 0.66
- Merge with putty 0.65
- Add keyboard shortcuts feature
- Add cygterm helper 64 bits
- PGP signature
- Installer : Change path for 'local user' and 'all user' > windows xp, PUBLIC and LOCALAPPDATA
- PuttySettings function : add port forwarding
- Menu 'Clear all function' fails

Fixed in version 0.29 RC02

- Menu 'Clear all function' fails

Fixed in version 0.29 RC01

- FS#112 - Add function “all clear function” which do run “Clear Scrollback” and “Reset Terminal”
- Installer : Take into account Silent mode
- Installer : Provide the possibility to save session,ssh keys in userprofile or other path (env key ExtraPuTTY_USERPROFILE)
- TestStand : Use relative path for ExtraPuTTY.dll in TypePalettes
- Provide possibility to use Windows environment variables like %ProgramFiles% for lua script , putty log file and ExtraPuTTY cmd file path
- Add Hangup/Restart session menu like Hyperterminal
- Merge with putty 0.64
- Compile with LUA 5.3
- Provide possibility to Change default settings through configuration file 'ini.lua' here
- Provide possibility to change putty settings during session' here
- ExtraPuTTY.DLL : Connection function param 'SpecSettings' : new option select ssh V1 or V2
- FS#111 - XMODEM - CRC 16 does not work
- Installer section : Unable to install ExtraPuTTY without tools
- Unable to launch Cygterm session
- Menu 'Hangup' and 'Restart Session' is not properly refreshed
- Lua53.dll is missing in Extraputty zip package : Download here

Fixed in version 0.28 RC01

- FS#44 - Send commands with drag'n drop into the session window.
- FS#96 - merge with putty 0.63
- FS#101 - integrate tftp transfert protocol
- FS#102 - integrate ftp transfert protocol
- FS#103 - integrate puttySC
- FS#104 - integrate xmodem
- FS#105 - DragAndDrop
- Change default settings value : ExtraPutty window : Disable, Window/color/boldedText : both
- Add lua_send_login_password() API
- FS#99 - integrate pscp in putty.exe
- FS#100 - integrate psftp in putty.exe
- FS#107 - serial link RTS/DTR default value
- FS#108 - uninstall remove putty session from registry
- FS#97 - putty crash - when text is highlighted with mouse
- HyperLink : putty crashes when clicking on long url
- Xmodem : does not support the xmodem with CRC16
- XYmodem : bug in file selection (window is blocked)
- FS#106 - Session--Change Settings crash putty
- FS#109 - DLL : Unable to connect to device without prompt
- FS#110 - Unable to launch session with space sequence

Fixed in version 0.27 RC01

- FS#81 - Teststand steps are not installed for version 2010
- FS#82 - Merge with PuTTY 0.62
- FS#83 - Dynamically starting putty log from dll
- FS#84 - Increase maximum scenarii and command form XML files
- FS#85 - Update LUA interfaces
- FS#88 - fix romanian U0218/219/21A/21B characters keyboard input
- FS#89 - Ctrl+mousewheel zoom support
- FS#90 - upgrade to lua 5.2
- FS#91 - ymodem integration
- FS#92 - add lua apis
- FS#93 - possibility store automatically PuTTY SSH security alert
- FS#94 - Control Session logging ffrom menu or lua
- FS#95 - Status bar on the PuTTY window
- FS#86 - Serial Line Impossible to stop putty
- FS#87 - lua_write_log function does not work

Fixed in version 0.26 RC01

- FS#10 - Virtual keys code (like ALT+F10)
- FS#20 - scripting a session with lua
- FS#23 - Configuration window : resize of session list box
- FS#24 - Portability : Save session in file instead of registry
- FS#40 - Reconnect automatically if connection goes down
- FS#37 - auto resize of Extraputty window
- FS#41 - DLL : Manage auto-Restart sessions
- FS#47 - Menu bar in the PuTTY window
- FS#46 - add PuTTYCyg features
- FS#43 - Binary compression.
- FS#45 - zmodem protocol
- FS#50 - Command-line option to display licence, about dilaog box
- FS#54 - Portability : used relative path of putty for all extraputty files
- FS#55 - link session logging filtering within extraputty dll or lua script
- FS#56 - Add step to close extraputty window
- FS#59 - C# example
- FS#60 - Connection to a existing connection
- FS#63 - Update and download Software manager
- FS#65 - Session Manager
- FS#70 - add milliseconds in timestamp
- FS#71 - serial port settings : display all available serial ports
- FS#72 - Integrates Hyperlink feature
- FS#73 - Manage conection without prompt login
- FS#74 - Portability : do not used ExtraPuTTY env variable from dll
- FS#75 - always keeping session name in title
- FS#76 - Option to start up in full screen mode
- FS#78 - start a lua script from command line
- FS#12 - Crash of Close function
- FS#14 - blocking of (init) callback function
- FS#15 - connection function is still not up on Telnet,SSH protocols
- FS#17 - large number of command in xml file
- FS#18 - update windows installer for Teststand 4.x
- FS#19 - inputbox,msgbox do not stop the scenario and wait for input
- FS#21 - large commands getting truncated for IHM
- FS#22 - connection function is not end
- FS#31 - window putty size not overloaded.
- FS#38 - Bad parameter description of testsand step Initialize Connexion
- FS#39 - connection function is still not up on SL protocol
- FS#53 - Crash of the DLL if the targetname contains spaces
- FS#57 - Implicit CRLF can't be changed from ExtraPuTTY window
- FS#58 - Scenarii doesn't take into account CRLF setting
- FS#61 - incompatibility with .NET for Callback used within connection function
- FS#62 - Crash of DLL with Connection function used without password
- FS#66 - Configure End Of Line
- FS#69 - TimeStamp doesn't work with serial line
- FS#77 - Lua script / scenarii do not start automatically
- FS#79 - LUA DLL needs VC2005 package install or Microsoft VC80 DLL
- FS#80 - DLL API do not take into account serial speed.

Fixed in version 0.24

-Run a scenario automatically on startup of putty session.
-Use Command Line to run a scenario automatically on startup of putty session.
-Update windows installer to take into account TestStand V3.x and later.
-Adding the possibility to not send the implicit CRLF after each command from DLL.
-Adding the possibility to stored in automatic, PuTTY SSH security alert popup on new MAC address .
-Take into account the XML special characters (<,>,&,",')
-Adding the possibility from extraputty XML commands file to used commands defined in system menu or display messagebox, inputbox.
-Take into account unprintable characters from XML commands file.(value 0x00 to 0x20 and 0x7F)
-Adding a function to wait one message on putty terminal.
-Del message "NO DATA RECEIVED" from field "DataRcv" of SendRcvData(_F) function.
-Adding Automatic sequencing of commands with puttytel.
-Allow the possibility to change the colors,font ... of extraputty treeview.
-The field "MaxSizeofData" of functions "SendRcvData_F" and "SendRcvData" is limited to 20 000 000 (maximum size of DataRcv 20 Mo).
-Adding all errors code of DLL functions in user manual.
-Adding the possibility to include other XML commands file.
-Adding the possibility to locked the XML commands file.
-Remove the command sent in field "DataRcv" of functions "SendRcvData_F" and "SendRcvData".
-Adding the possiblity to configure the port of the connexion from Connexion(_F) function.
-Adding the possibility to configure the SendRcvData function only in reception way.
-Allow the possibility to used the DLL in not a blocking state (Send - waiting reply). Used a thread and a callback to report the data read in continous mode.
-Add TimeStamp on Putty Terminal or log.
-Add ftploader utilities and associate teststand step.
-Management of multi-connexions (change interface of DLL functions).
-Add the possiblity to associate a help document on each command of extraputty window.
-the CRLF option is lost with Drag and Drop
-Bad management of -startup command line option.
-Bad management of "Command" and "TimeCapture" fields of SendRcvData(_F) functions.
-Memory leak with SendRcvData(_F) function. (Can Generate "out of memory" error message)
-Bad Memory allocation with SendRcvData(_F) function.
-When the Connexion(_F) function is configured with a password, the reply is returned before the password is really sent
-the NewCRLF option is only take into account if extraputty HTML report is activated.
-Bad management of field "DataRcv" of functions "SendRcvData_F" and "SendRcvData" if the size of data exceeds 1 Mo.
-Unexpected error if the field "RcvTelnetData" of SendRcvData(_F) is NULL.
-Impossible to send backslash in root filed of Connexion(_F) function.

Fixed in version 0.23

-Provide the possibility to not send the CRLF at the end of command.
-No size Limitation of data exchange with extraputty and win32 application
-Disable all putty error box on Win32\Teststand using.(used return of functions)
-Allow the possibility to change the ExtraPuTTY default setting with the installer.
-XML Commands file is not saved properly (unused tag </root>)
-ExtraPuTTY DLL does not work with Visual basic project (_stdcall compile needed)
-ExtraPuTTY DLL is block if the size of data received exceed 10000 octets
-if ExtraPuTTY DLL is crash or closed without used CloseConnexion function, extraputty is not ended
-Putty is never stop (ressource view) if ExtraPuTTY trace is activate
-When TestStand executes \'Initialize Telnet Connexion\', the window putty take the focus also it is hiden.
-TestStand Step CloseConnexion is not update by the installer
-TestStand Step Send command appends all data in received buffer in loop condition
-If the target is not ready when the initialisation command (login,password) is send, an ack is immediately replied before that the commands are send
-On Win32\Teststand using with same session it's impossible to connect\disconnect few times if one connexion becomes failed

Fixed in version 0.22

-Add SSH,Rlogin,Raw API for TestStand\Win32 application.
-The parameter "root" of connexion function is now optional.
-Change the name of DLL, TesStand Ini file.
-Make 2 groups of functions in DLL (functions with basic parameters and full parameters (TestStand design)).
-Permit to load putty session from TestStand\win32 applications for using personnal settings.
-Allow to use ExtraPuTTY report only with PuTTY.
-In the extraputty report /DIV balise is missing after each step result.
-The TestStand step "Send data" is blocked if no data is received
-The Password command is not send after login with the initialisation function :
For bypass this problem set to TRUE the parameter "ShowPutty" of step TestStand "Initialize Telnet Connexion" in order to send the password manualy.

Fixed in release 0.21

-TestStand Part 2 send\received Data throught Telnet API.
-extraputty report for teststand telnet connexion.
-Allowed to use ExtraPuTTY trace only with PuTTY.
-windows installer : Path of DLL in extraputty.ini file.
-Minors bugs of TreeView : Load Command file, save position and size of windows ...

Fixed in release 0.20

-Take new version of Putty V0.62
-TestStand Part 1 (Telnet API (only sending and mutli-connexion))
-Adding edit and Loading command file on popup menu.
-Create windows installer
- Minors bugs of TreeView : Drag and drop, size of root command ..

Fixed in release 0.11

-In Trace file hide all results (display one by one with double-click mouse button)
-Update ExtraPuTTY settings from PuTTY configuration window :
Update architecture and text.
Adding expand results option of trace.
- Trace file is corrupt if ExtraPuTTY and PuTTY terminal are used in same trace file